Caregiver Smile Summit Video Overview

Caregiver Smile Summit Video Overview

The Caregiver Smile Summit is a virtual Summit that will transform your caregiving by providing practical knowledge to make you a better caregiver, take care of your own health, while preparing you for your own aging journey.

The Summit has been recognized by United Health and AARP in the Open Ideo caregiver challenge and our videos are being utilized by corporations, insurers and EAP programs as part of their caregiving assistance programs. In fact we reach more that 5 million people with important information.

We want you to be able to rock the caregiving experience. Turn it from a burden to opportunity. From surviving to thriving. In Caregiver Summit 3 we offer practical tips and solutions that you can apply everyday in your caregiving.

This Summit is ideal for almost anyone. If you are just starting to see the signs that mom and dad need care, this is for you. If you are an experienced caregiver, this is for you too. Even if your caregiving journey is over there is something you can learn about preparing for your own aging needs. That is why boomers should consider attending the Summit. And even foresighted GenX’ers and Millennials, who make up 25% of family caregivers, can learn something too. If you are a caregiver to a spouse or child, we have topics that will interest you as well.

With your all-access pass, you can watch the videos anytime. The entire event is online. Stream videos with internet access on your phone, tablet, or computer.