Our Friday Song of the Week-Woodstock-Evil Ways


Our Friday Song of the Week – Woodstock – Evil Ways

After seeing Santana in Charlotte my wife and I were inspired to have a Woodstock party. Not taking my duties lately, I found the Woodstock lineup and all the songs that were performed. I took it upon myself to try to learn at least one or two songs from each artist at Woodstock in the order of appearance. Some artists or songs were so obscure that I had to skip them or I simply did not know the songs. For some artists I didn’t care for the songs that they did at Woodstock so I did another one of their songs that they made famous after Woodstock. I figured it was only appropriate to rehearse in my garage and to tape the rehearsal as opposed to going into my more polished studio and hooking up everything to my sound system on my computer. So what you’re seeking and hearing is my replication of our version of Woodstock complete with the garage band feel, me in jeans and a T-shirt and unshaven. Please pardon the surroundings, but I thought it would add some authenticity, but I hope you enjoy the songs. So here’s one by Santana on Day 2 of Woodstock called Evil Ways.