Why Dogs Make Great Pets for Seniors Helping to relieve Loneliness and More

pets for seniorsPets for Seniors

As we get older, things can drastically change. Often, in the later stages of life, support is welcome, and how that support presents itself could be in many ways. This piece will look at pets for seniors and specifically discuss why dogs can make great pets and the benefits they can bring into older people’s lives.

Dogs Help Seniors Get More Exercise

It is no surprise that the older we get, the less likely we are to move as much as we once might have. Joints creak a little more; the back-pain kicks in a little sooner, and while the physical effects of aging are a barrier, it is also worth thinking about the mental effects of aging too. Older people can tend to feel more vulnerable going out for walks by themselves and having a dog can really help tackle some of these issues.

Exercise is crucial for health at any age, and having a dog can hold owners accountable for getting out in the fresh air and getting their steps in. This is great for getting the body moving, keeping it supple, and also great for the mind, helping boost wellbeing.

Dogs Offer an Unmatchable level of Companionship for Seniors

As time goes on, friendships can change or fade out for one reason or another, the passing of loved ones leave gaps in the heart, and it can leave those without anyone to talk to. Loneliness is rife amongst the elderly, and for whatever reason, the cause may be, the outcome is sadly the same. Pets for seniors, especially a dog, can offer that well sought-after companionship. They are loyal, compassionate, and devoted. Training and teaching dogs’ tricks are great ways to engage and bond with them, and don’t skimp on the rewards! Hemp CBD dog treats are a great option as they combine a tasty reward with the health benefits of cannabidiol, a compound that is derived from the hemp plant.

Not only do dogs make great pets for seniors, they also offer companionship just as themselves. They are also a great way of meeting other dog owners, which can go a long way into helping older people create new friendships or find likeminded people to engage with.

Dogs can Help Improve the Health of Seniors

There have been many studies that have discovered that owning a pet has some impressive health benefits either directly or indirectly, and as we age, our health can deteriorate too. This is another excellent reason for seniors to have a pet of their own.

Taking care of dogs, playing with them, petting them, and engaging with them is a fantastic mood booster, and when we are in happier spirits, our physical health benefits from that too.

Indirectly, having a dog to take out on walks offers all the benefits of exercise without it feeling like exercise, which can have a significant impact on the heart, BMI, joint health, and increased quality of sleep.

Dogs Can Help Seniors Stick to a Routine

Having a routine can be very beneficial to seniors, and having a dog is an excellent way to facilitate that.

A routine for older people can help those who are of a nervous disposition feel safe and secure, knowing what the day ahead entails. It is also handy for those who have problems with cognitive issues such as memory difficulties, as the routine of each day is similar. Dogs also benefit from routine, so doing it together offers companionship and accountability!