First Time Grandparents and a Pandemic-What You Should Know-Charlotte Today


First Time Grandparents

When shutdowns began in the United States back in March, there were murmurs of the baby boom that would materialize. All that free time for cohabitating couples surely would result in overflowing maternity units come December, the speculation went. In December we saw the first pandemic babies born. And while there are no national statistics, some maternity units in the U.S. have reported a 30% increase in births. Certainly there were new babies created. First time parents. And yes, first time grandparents. So what are some things new grandparents should know? Watch and/or listen to my Charlotte Today interview. And during Covid, here are some tips for grandparents:

  1. If you can visit do but take the precautions. We did spend a lot of time with our grandkids during the holidays in PA. But we had a Covid test before we left and quarantined at our mountain house before engaging.
  2. If you can’t visit then make the most of video calls to get to know them.
  3. Of course if you are a brand new grandparent, chances are the end of the pandemic could coincide to the time when it just gets to be fun – six to nine months in. Be patient.
  4. No matter your ability to interact now, think about what a gift grandchildren are at this particular place in time. They give us hope for the future in a world that often seems dark and hopeless. They remind us of what really matters. Spend time with your grandchildren and you will remember what matters most.