Caregiver Envy – My Segment on Charlotte Today

caregiver envy

Caregiver Envy – My Segment on Charlotte Today

People who care for family members and other people may be seen as selfless and unselfish, but you may not know that they may be struggling with feelings of envy. Caregiver envy os a real thing.. Oftentimes people are thrust into a that position without even volunteering for the job. Resentment may ensue because some of the liberties and freedoms they once enjoyed are now replaced by caring for someone else.  For example, seeing people holding hands and walking in the park may spark flames of jealousy. Having to meet the demands of parents who may be sicker or have disabilities more severe than their friends may arouse feelings of envy. Or maybe the caregiver had to give up a job to watch and care for love ones may cause deep seeds of envy.  The underline causes of envy are natural. These thoughts can pop up at any time. So what should you do if you have these feelings?

Accept that you may feel this way. Second, think about what your losing in a relationship where dementia is taking the person memories away. Third, focus on your grief and sorrow of loss relationships. Finally, letting go of guilty feelings and coming to terms with your situation will allow you to invite friends back into your life. There is a bright side to care giving. Be proud of the fact that you have done something worthwhile and amazing; taking care of someone who could not do for themselves. Shout out to Barry Jacobs whose AARP article was the inspiration.

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