It’s Official. We Did Start the Patient Experience Movement.

My good friend, Jim Merlino, MD, recently published his book “Service Fanatics-How to Build Superior Patient Experience the Cleveland Clinic Way.” I have always been told that my article, “The New CEO-Chief Experience Officer” was a major impetus in the Clinic’s decision to hire a CXO and create an office of patient experience.

Now in the book on page 33 comes the confirmation in writing!

“Cosgrove decided to create a new C-suite position, that of chief experience officer (CXO). He read the article “The New CEO-Chief Experience Officer,” which discussed how this role could impact healthcare organizations. The new CXO would report to him and would be responsible for day-to-day execution of the strategy.”

In an earlier white paper entitled – “The Chief Experience Officer – An Emerging and  Critical Role,” my colleague and friend Jason A. Wolf, Ph.D., President, The Beryl Institute also cited the genesis of the movement.

“In March of 2007, Anthony Cirillo authored an article for HealthLeaders Media entitled The New CEO- Chief Experience Officer. The premise offered is that if healthcare organizations recognize the need to address the experience of their consumers – from our perspective (of/and?) the patients, families, employees, and community they serve – this requires full-time leadership. This leader, Cirillo suggested, should be the Chief Experience Officer.”

“CXO’s now, as Cirillo suggested in 2007 and as our participants have reinforced, are cultural change agents. In just seven years, we have seen the conversation expand on patient experience and the recognition that a senior level role is critical to driving outcomes.”