Experience Management for Long-Term Care

Approaching the experience in assisted and nursing facilities is different than for hospitals.  These are not transient patients but long term residents.  Relationships are fundamentally different as a result.  Here is our take. What do a long term care facility and a fire house have in common? A lot actually. Dirty jobs, life and death, dark moments and light yet the firefighters’ culture thrives with little burnout and low attrition. Why is that? Firefighters create a supportive and celebratory culture that acknowledges the heartache (death around the corner) while celebrating joy. Long term care workers are confronted with their mortality every day but have little support to help them relieve fear, grief and sadness. When they are burned out they leave. Our solution addresses the root cause of why culture change has failed in long term care and it brings hope and empowerment to employees, residents and families.