Experience Management / ROI

Holistic, comprehensive, modular, affordable.

That is our approach to experience management across health care. We have assembled an outstanding team that can look at all aspects of the experience or just those you designate. Why is the experience so important? Consider these statistics from Harris Interactive.

  1. 87% of people will stop doing business with a company after a negative experience.
  2. 84% will tell others about their bad experience.
  3. 58% will always or often pay more for a better customer experience.
  4. Yet saving just 8% of customers from attrition can add 20% to your profits.

According to Forrester Research:

  1. 83% of organizations have no executive tasked with improving the customer experience.
  2. 73% claim that customer experience is not well defined and communicated.
  3. 76% say employees are not well versed in how to delight customers.
  4. 71% believe that employees do not have the tools and authority to solve customers’ problems.
  5. Only 44% of companies believe that their company deserves customer loyalty.
  6. 42% say their product is not worth the price they charge.

And none of the above factors in the consequences of value-based purchasing.

Become one of the small percentage of organizations that do pay attention to the experience and you will surpass the competition. Let us help you.