David Gwilt – Maximizing Your Potential Regardless the Obstacles

David Gwilt – https://davidagwilt.com

David Gwilt is “not from around here”, but don’t hold that against him. Also, it’s not important where he goes to church, so you don’t need to ask. He is from New York, but that would be upstate where they speak the English language in a way that you can understand without too much trouble. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from Syracuse University and a graduate certificate in Gerontology from UNCC.

He’s been roaming around on the green side of God’s good earth now for nine decades, but he’s only 71! He only speaks English, but he is very fluent in several body languages.

A true child of the ‘60s, he presents his thoughts on…

  • keeping dreams alive and creating new ones
  • being of service to others
  • taying in shape, body and mind, through exercise
  • adapting to an ever changing world in a positive manner
  • remaining in humble recognition of and constant communication    with a higher power
  • and in laughing each and every day, as we spiritual beings pass through this very temporary human existence.