Who Moved My Dentures? Forward

Foreword by
Charles H. Roadman, II, M.D., C.N.A.,
Past President and CEO
American Health Care Association

No area is more clouded in myths and misinformation than the nursing home and
assisted living fields. Families faced with choices for loved ones are confronted with a myriad of questions – where to turn, what to do, why is this happening?

Anthony Cirillo absolutely “hits the ball out of the park” using anecdotes that explain what is really going on as he describes the people and places he has seen firsthand and  the confusion that confronts family members.

He doesn’t pull any punches as he describes the different environment that confronts the wonderful people, the caregivers, who, day-to-day, bring the frail elderly and disabled into their hearts and provide another “family” and “home.”

But, where he really succeeds is in returning the elderly from a stereotype back to being real people – that you and I know as friends and family.

Anthony describes the many myths associated with this field and tells stories about real people that dispel those myths.

This book is a “must read” by all of us, professionals in the field, those who care for older adults and the up and coming baby boomer generation who face choices for themselves. Everyone will be able to make better decisions with confidence after reading this marvelous book.