ACHE 2015 Presentation

“I had the privilege of listening to Anthony speak at ACHE on the role of the chief experience officer in Healthcare. Throughout the presentation Anthony’s passion for people and healthcare was evident. He used personal experiences to demonstrate how we as healthcare executives can provide our patients and families an extraordinary experience. He is truly an engaging speaker and out of the box thinker.”
Lori Crowder

“Just wanted you to know what a great and inspiring presentation. It was great and my row agreed your singing was spectacular!”
Pat Carroll

“It was a great experience attending your presentation yesterday at ACHE Congress. Thank you so much for providing the most up-to-date information. It will also benefit greatly the students that I teach.”
Alla Adams, Ph.D.

“Thank you, Sir! I really liked your presentation. And you have a great voice! That was a cool hook! 🙂 I hope we can collaborate some day!”
Valdez Bravo

“After attending your session, I wanted to reach out to you. You both did a great job and I became very interested in the idea behind the Chief Experience Officer.”
Lubna Shamsi

“Anthony: Loved the session! Even with all the singing. Seriously, I found it informative and inspiring – thank you!”
Bob Lambert

“Thanks so much for your note. I thoroughly enjoyed your session and am happy I was able to attend. The singing was great, too!”
Caitlin Byler

“I enjoyed your session at ACHE Congress quite a bit. I had just finished reading Toby Cosgrove’s book “The Cleveland Clinic” so it was very interesting to hear from you about the early developments in the idea of a Chief Experience Officer. It’s exciting to see the field of patient experience develop so quickly these past few years. Keep up the great work!”
Mazin Abu-Ghazala

“Second time I’ve had the privileged of hearing you speak at ACHE and it is always enlightening. Thank you for the great session.”
Devin Morrison

Here’s more…

“Anthony opening the session with story, and bringing personal anecdotes to his presentation was stellar.

“Very engaging presentation.

“Mr. Cirillo is a very talented speaker!

“Opening sure got your attention. Pay it forward clip – very effective.”