The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

Listen to our program that we presented to The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.

The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, Marketing to Seniors, October 12, 2016

Here is what Trisha Torrey, the founder of the group had to say:

“Anthony recently spoke to members of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates about marketing to seniors – a topic very relevant to private, independent advocates. He provided them with actionable and sage advice, helping them understand the mindset of their target audiences, and how to leverage that understanding to encourage those seniors or their adult children to do business with a private advocate.

Our members were well-served by his excellent advice. I highly recommend Anthony for consulting with anyone looking to engage with an older demographic.”

And one listener noted:

“Hi Trisha, just wanted to say that as an individual starting out as a Patient Advocate tonight’s presentation Marketing To Seniors by Anthony Cirillo was outstanding. The points made were excellent and the take away’s were invaluable. Thank you for your leadership as well.” Marisa Vargas