VA Association of Activity Professionals

“Mr. Cirillo was our final keynote speaker for the 2006 VAAP Conference in March. His goal was to send this group out with a final “boost of encouragement” to remind us that what we do is important and impacts the quality of life for each resident we work with. Anthony met and surpassed my expectations through his words and songs. Mr. Cirillo has a unique method of presentation. This venue reinforces the positive statements/ ideas he desires to have the audience members take with them. I found this to be a powerful tool because often spoken words may touch a nerve at that moment, while words in a song tend to settle into our minds much longer. Anthony’s style is comfortable – he is very easy to listen to and relates well with the people to whom he is speaking. I would recommend Anthony Cirillo as a speaker for any group as one to encourage and motivate his listeners. Your participants will leave feeling energized.
Ginny A. Little, Chairperson for Organizing Committee for Speakers