Alzheimer’s Association of Eastern North Carolina

Testimonials from our August 9, 2016 Keynote!

“I attended a caregiver conference where Anthony was the keynote speaker. He created an atmosphere where caregivers could feel safe to laugh and breathe using music, humor and dance. As one caregiver stated, “I needed this”. His approach on the aging experience was well-received by young and old. How delightful to come away from this event with my humor intact and a deeper appreciation of my laugh lines. Thank you Anthony!

Peggy Best, LCSW
(this was Peg’s personal testimonial as an attendee. She is also the Associate Director of Programs and Outreach for the Alzheimer’s Association Eastern North Carolina Chapter)

  • I needed this!
  • Loved the singing! It was used very appropriately and helped make his message clearer. We need to practice his techniques more often!
  • He is an awesome presenter!
  • Loved the music.
  • Great program, thank you.
  • Getting active during talk was great……my neighbors in here are singing right along.
  • Great speaker/singer.
  • Loved the music and dancing to the “Rocking Robin.”