Your Brain on Music

Your Brain on Music – An Immersive program for anyone working with or looking to attract older adults to their services.

Equips People with the Skills They Need to Use Music to Promote Overall Wellness for Themselves and Their Loved Ones.

We cover:

  1. The Science Behind Music
  2. Music Solutions That You Can Use in Daily Life
  3. Create Your Magical Play List. Using a detailed questionnaire, participants create their own custom play list for themselves and/or a loved one.
  4. Share Your Story. Participants Volunteer to Discuss One Song They Picked and the Story Behind It.
  5. Piano Player (think dueling pianos) takes requests from the audience from the list they created.

People leave with a curated song list that they can use every day, a better appreciation of the impact of music and how to incorporate it into their lives.

Extend Your Brand. Create Community.

People will leave with a good feeling and the good vibes come back to you.

This program addresses three of the dimensions of wellness – Intellectual, Social, Emotional and Spiritual Health.