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Aerobic Exercise May Improve Thinking Skills in Older Adults

In Just Six Months, Aerobic Exercise May Help Those with Thinking Problems Getting the heart pumping with aerobic exercise, like walking or cycling for 35 minutes three times a week, may improve thinking skills in older adults with cognitive impairments, according to a study published in Neurology®, the medical journal...

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Americans More Sedentary Than Ever

A new government study says that Americans are more sedentary than ever and that includes people who exercise regularly. Americans, on average, take 5,117 steps a day, far short of the averages in western Australia (9,695 steps), Switzerland (9,650 steps) and Japan (7,168 steps). The American Heart Association recommends 10,000...

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Aerobic Exercise Can Increase Brain Size

Aerobic exercise can increase the size of the aging brain’s hippocampus, the part that houses memory and spatial navigation, researchers report. Researchers studied 120 older adults (ages 55 to 80) who didn’t normally exercise regularly, over the course of a year. Half of the group was assigned to an aerobic...

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