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Caregivers Health a Concern in New Study

Caregiving Costs: Declining Health in the Alzheimeräó»s Caregiver as Dementia Increases in the Care Recipient released by the National Alliance for Caregiving shows a significant decrease in family caregiver health over time and increased personal healthcare costs, as their care recipientäó»s dementia increases.Œæ The study was conducted by examining the...

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Caregivers Have Bad Health Habits

Be Thankful to Our Caregivers This Season@Getty Images While this is a study from just one state, Calif., anecdotally I can report that its implications certainly apply to the country. The estimated 6 million informal caregivers in California show serious psychological distress and negative health behaviors such as smoking, according...

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Alzheimer Caregiver Toll

A USA Today article recently looked at the toll on Alzheimer’s caregivers citing recent reports from the Alzheimer’s Association. Among the highlights: 15 million unpaid caregivers help someone with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia in the USA äóî 37% more than last year. an estimated 5.4 million people are...

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