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AARP Says Trade Your Eye Doctor for an E-Book

According to AARP, citing a Robert Wood Johnson study, for people with eye diseases like macular degeneration, digital tablets increased reading speed by as much as 42 words per minute, compared with that of print books or newspapers.The illuminated screens of the tablet offer sharper resolution than printed materials and...

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Aspirin Linked to Macular Degeneration

Well as someone who take a baby aspirin a day, I sat up and paid attention to this one. Researchers in Australia have found that those who take aspirin regularly may be in danger of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The researchers followed nearly 2,400 study participants for a decade...

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Aspirin Use Can Possibly Worsen or Cause Wet Macular Degeneration

Peter Dazeley A European Eye Study has found that the beloved daily aspirin could have a down side when it comes to your site. Researchers found that frequent aspirin use was associated with wet macular degeneration and the odds rose with increasing frequency of consumption. The wet form of the...

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