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Use Proper Dosing Instruments When Taking Medications

Koert van Ittersum, an assistant professor at Georgia Institute of Technology and Brian Wansink of Cornell University published a letter in the Jan. 5 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine citing new research that suggests that you should steer clear of using ordinary spoons when taking or giving liquid...

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Nursing Homes Sometimes Wrongly Blamed in Medication Misuse

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune examines the roles physicians play in nursing home care, particularly when it comes to medication management. When physicians or psychiatrists prescribe a drug for a patient, facilities must administer it as long as the order is consistent with state and federal nursing home...

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Medication Abuse in a Nursing Home

Three employees of a California nursing home are in police custody accused of forcibly administrating psychotropic drugs to patients to make them easier for staff to control. One, a former director of nursing, ordered that dementia patients be given high doses of the mood-altering drugs not as part of their...

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