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A New Resource for Finding Information about the Quality of Nursing Homes

I recently came across a resource for family and friends faced with having to find a nursing home for a loved one.åÊ The Informed Patient Institute (IPI) is a non-profit organization that has identified and evaluated all of the nursing home report cards in the country.åÊ IPI doesn’t rate individual...

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Are Accredited Nursing Homes Safer?

A new study in The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety entitled ‰ÛÏSafety Culture ‰ÛÒ Relationship Between Nursing Home Safety Culture and Joint Commission Accreditation‰Û suggests that nursing homes accredited by The Joint Commission have a more robust culture of resident safety than non-accredited facilities and has a...

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For Profits and Private Investor Nursing Homes Have More Deficiencies

The Government Accountability Office, examining whether the quality of care in a nursing home suffers after an acquisition, found that nursing homes owned by private investors and other types of for-profit operators had more total deficiencies than homes run by public companies. The report found that on average,ξ privately owned...

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