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Pain in the…..Negative Thinking, Pain and Healing

Should doctors consider the affect of negative thinking from patients? British and German researchers would think so. They concluded that pessimism could override the effectiveness of powerful treatments. They strapped a heat-beaming device onto the legs of 22 healthy volunteers, zapping it until people rated their pain at nearly 70...

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Hey Man – More Healing Powers of Marijuana

Smoked cannabis has been shown to alleviate chronic neuropathic pain caused by trauma or surgery. Researchers at McGill University Health Centre provided 21 participants aged 25 to 77 with cannabis of varying strengths. When inhaled in low doses three times a day, the stronger cannabisäóîcontaining 9.4% of the active ingredient...

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Tai Chi Helps Alleviate Pain Depression in seniors with Osteoarthritis

Researchers at Tufts University Medical Center and Tufts School of Medicine conducted a controlled trial of individuals with symptomatic osteoarthritis. Patients were randomly assigned to 60 minutes of Tai Chi or wellness education and stretching twice weekly for 12 weeks. Compared with the control group, patients assigned to Tai Chi...

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