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Creating a Meaningful Life

This is partially reprinted from my Caring.com blog. Click to the whole post at the end. There is a Taco Bell Super Bowl commercial in which a bunch of elderly folks get rowdy while the song “We Are Young” by a band called Fun plays in Spanish. It’s irreverent, but...

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Loneliness Affects Health in Elders

In a study of 1,600 seniors, researchers at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) found that people who reported being lonely were more likely to suffer a decline in health or die over a six-year period than those who were content with their social lives. Loneliness didn’t necessarily mean...

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112 Year Old Artists Shows That You Always Have Purpose

A touching story found on cnn.com shows that no matter what your age or circumstance you can lead a quality of life if you have purpose. Frank Calloway, 112, paints murals at a nursing facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He has been institutionalized since 1952 after a diagnosis of schizophrenia. His...

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