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Here’s How to Have Your Best Life After You Retire

How to Get the Best from Life After You Retire Are you one of those people for whom retirement is just around the corner? Have you thought about what you’re going to do with all that free time after you retire? Perhaps you’re someone for whom retirementis a long way in...

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Boomers Pessimistic About Their Financial Situation

According to Gallup, older Americans (75+) feel better about their personal financial situation while those aged 18 to 64 feel the least positive. Those aged 75 and older are the most likely to say they feel good about the amount of money they have, are satisfied with their standard of...

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People Aware of LTC Costs but Have No Real Plan to Finance

The Lincoln Financial Life Stages Survey: Long- term care, a survey of 1,002 Americans, was recently released. Most respondents were aware of forecasts predicting a dramatic rise in the number of Americans needing care. Few admitted to being truly prepared. People also understand that costs of care will seriously affect...

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