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Fall Prevention – Brain Activity May Predict Risk of Falls

Fall Prevention – Brain Activity May Predict Risk of Falls in Older People When it comes to fall prevention, measuring the brain activity of healthy, older adults while they walk and talk at the same time may help predict their risk of falls later, according to a study published in...

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Hip Fractures in Women Deadly

Prevent falls. Prevent hip fractures.@Don Farral, Getty Images Hip fractures in women ages 65 to 79 are linked to in an increase in short-term mortality according to an ongoing Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research report. Investigators followed 1,116 women who had hip fractures and compared them with about 4,500...

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Decreased Ability to Anticipate Distances Increases Fall Risk Among Elderly

Texas A&M Research reveals that injuries from falls and other accidents among the aging can often be attributed to a decline in ability to mentally estimate and anticipate stepping and reaching distances. Professor Carl Gabbard, director of the Texas A&M Motor Development Laboratory, focused on äóìestimation of reachabilityäó äóî whether...

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