Anthony Cirillo by Request

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Join me (and maybe some surprise guests). See my song list and request songs before and during the concert. Song List Here.  Link to Show Will Be Sent After Purchase. Purchase Here.


Science for Seniors – The Mystery of the Ocean Life w Gloria Hoffner

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Science for Seniors provides real live science in a fun setting! Ocean life explains where did the water come from; why it is salty; what is the largest creature etc. Fun fact - Ladies never date a shark because they are all one night stands. To initiate mating male sharks bite the fin of the female and pull her down in the water mating during the process. She responds after mating by twisting loose, knocking a few of his teeth out and swimming away never to see him again. Female sharks lay eggs or give birth to the egg sacks and swim off. No female shark ever sticks around for 2 a.m. feedings or makes cupcakes for the children's school bake sale. Sharks are not fish. They do not have a swim bladder as do fish. Instead, sharks float due to the oil in their liver. Here is an experiment to explain how. Experiment: How do sharks swim? Materials: Empty paper towel tube, scissors, balloon, large clear bowl, water and cooking oil. Process: Cut the paper towel tube into two equal parts. Fill the bowl with water. Place one paper tube on the top of the bowl of water and observe. Remove the paper tube. Fill the balloon with cooking oil and tie shut. Place the filled balloon into the second paper tube. Place the paper tube on the top of the bowl of water and observe. Result: The tube of paper fills with water and sinks, but the tube […]