House Bill 3162

U.S. House Bill 3162 is getting a lot of publicity these days because it addresses one of the most vulnerable segments of our population – that’s right children. Its noble goal to expand health coverage to children comes at a price. Hidden in the bill is a provision to slash $2.7 billion in Medicare payments.

Listen, things are bad enough at our nursing homes when some can not even give their activity director more than $50 a month to cover residents’ needs. And while I know there are for profit nursing homes out there and many making money, the sad truth is that the money never seems to filter down to direct care. And that effects our elderly directly. With 78 million boomers coming down the pike, with a World Health Ranking of 37, with chronic conditions abounding and a nation that is one of the most obese in the world, make no mistake these facilities will be needed. Not everyone will be able to age in place.