Blacks likelier to live in poor-quality nursing homes

A new report in the September/October issue of Health Affairs, finds that 60% of blacks in nursing homes ended up in just 10% of the facilities ‰ÛÓ typically ones that had been cited for quality problems. Interestingly the south was the least segregated around this issue. And that is consistent with what I see.

To me care has no color boundaries. I happen to come upon facilities that invest in a good quality of life for their residents. I can cite two off the bat. Guilford Healthcare in Greensboro, NC has a majority of black women as residents and I can tell you first hand that the care there is excellent. Same with Brian Center in Hickory, NC.

You know what else. These residents have such faith and a love for life that anyone coping with any adversity would be well to learn from them.

Poor care is poor care. You don’t have to stand for it. Do your homework and look for alternatives for a loved one. And if an elder you know has no one to look after them, take the time to do so. I know there are gems of nursing homes even among the poorest, broken neighborhoods. Do your homework, refuse substandard care and insist on the best for your loved one.