Be Quiet Sharon Osbourne

OK I admit I watch America’s Got Talent, even auditioned in Charlotte last year. Last night Sharon Osbourne, one of the judges, told a group of young singers and dancers that their material belonged in an elder folks home or something to that effect. Now even I admit that the group was a bit chessy.

However to imply cheesy and amateur to some of the music offerings in the continuum of aging services is to suggest that not a single one of those residents has sophisticated tastes and appreciates good music and performing when they hear and see it.

After all these are the same people that went to opera or went to see Sinatra. Yet cheesy and amateur is all they deserve I guess.

I know what I offer in these facilities is of a caliber they would have paid to see in their life outside the facilities they live. And there are many other fine entertainers (yes some cheesy and not talented as well.).

So Ms. Osbourne, why don’t you join me in Philadelphia the week of August 10 during my 15 nursing and assisted living facilities and see what life and activities are really like in a place you have probably rarely if ever stepped into.