New Service Helps Bridge the Communication Gap between Care Providers and Families

One of the reasons experiences break down in healthcare is lack of communication. And that lack of communication leads to misinformation, lack of trust and other issues. A new service helps bridge the communication gap between care providers and the families and caregivers of those receiving care.

Connect for Healthcare helps providers communicate with family members via email and text messaging. It is a great customer experience differentiator and a great comfort to families. Not only is it a way to improve communication and experience but you then have a documented communication trail. It has proven to actually reduce family phone calls and the time spent handling those calls for families. And of course increased communication usually means less litigation. That is something we all can agree is a good thing.

Providers can communicate with one or many family members around issues that they specifically choose. The software enables providers to quickly fill out electronic forms tracking patients’ eating, sleeping, temperament and other indicators and send updates to families.

Says co-founder Neil Moore, “Most lawsuits in long-term care are triggered by the failure of the providers to communicate with the family.” Before launching Connect for Healthcare in February, Moore spent 17 years developing information technology systems to improve patient safety in medical facilities. Moore said he was inspired to create Connect for Healthcare after witnessing numerous encounters in which family members would call for patient updates, only to be given little or no information.

With an increasingly mobile society and more people living farther away from parents, grandparents and extended family, this might be something that providers should check out and families should ask about.