Sing a New Song – Songwriters Work Educational Foundation

I came across a great find that might be of interest to you.

Songwriting Works䋢 Educational Foundation serves hundreds of elders, families and practitioners by pairing professional songwriters with elders to compose original songs. To date, 3,000 participants have composed 300 songs.

In their workshops, participants collaborate with professional songwriters skilled at drawing out their stories, humor, wisdom, imagination, hopes and dreams. This gives voice to those who most acutely need to be seen, heard, honored, and celebrated.

Restore health and community through the power of song is at the heart of the project. You are probably aware of the healing powers of music. This goes one further by involving communities of people, therefore extending the reach outside the walls of adult day, assisted living and nursing facilities. They work with local, regional, and national arts, aging, health and education partners to help our elders maintain and draw out their cognitive abilities.

This group is doing a lot that can enhance the lives of our elders. While their current reach is in the Northwest U.S. they do have some capacity for national programming and expansion.

I am enthused by this program not just because I am a performer for elders but because this is truly unique and gives me hope that there are many individuals and groups who are giving their time, care and love to elders, a group so often dismissed in society.

Adapted from my blog of the same topic.