Archives: March 2011

Family Caregiver Survey Explores Use of Technology

United Healthcare in connection with the National Alliance for Caregiving recently conducted a survey to examine family caregiversäó» receptivity to technology. The study assessed how helpful 12 technologies would be in supporting caregivers or helping them provide care. The 1,000 family caregivers surveyed have expectations for the technology including: being...

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Long-Term Care Funding: Here’s Looking to You!

The Commonwealth Foundation conducted a study in Penn. looking at long-term care funding and came to some interesting conclusions. Pennsylvania taxpayers pay $6.6 billion per year to fund long-term Medicaid spending, 40% of the state’s Medicaid spending. It is unsustainable so they are looking at several options. Rebalance Medicaid In...

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Medicare Standards Too Stringent Courts Rule

Federal courts in Pennsylvania and Vermont have ruled that Medicare standards are too stringent when it comes to deciding if a patient is eligible for skilled nursing home care or home health. The Federal District Court in Pittsburgh disagreed with Medicare’s decision to terminate coverage of an 81-year-old woman who...

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