Brain Strengthening iPhone Games for Techie Grandmas and Grandpas

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The following is a guest post from Mariana Ashley.
Just because you’re a senior doesn’t mean that you aren’t hipäóîyou have a shiny iPhone, you know what’s “in.” But while it’s great that your sense of style as remained fresh throughout the years, it’s important that you also work to keep your mind fresh as well.Œæ
No, an iPhone isn’t just a fashion accessory, you can actually download specific apps that if used on a daily basis, can help strengthen your mind and perhaps battle dementiaäóîafter all, health experts say the cognitive exercises stimulate blood flow to the brain, making it stronger and healthier. That said, below are 4 iPhone app games that can if played on a regular basis, may just be able to keep your mind sharp throughout the years.

1. Who Has the Biggest Brain

Similar to the successful Nintendo DS game Brain Age, Who Has the Biggest Brain is a cheaper, more simplified way of giving the brain a good daily workout. What it does is give you 12 different mini games, all of which are designed to test and challenge four different parts of your brain: calculation, visual, logic, and memory. The results should be able to give you a peek into the strongest areas of your brain, as well as the areas you need to improve on. ŒæThe game also promises to give you some insight into your rationale of thinkingäóîfor example, do you tend to think more like a scientist or an extraterrestrial? No matter what the case you can choose to play with friends or stimulate your brain solo. ŒæPrice: 99 cents

2. Sudoku

Sudoku, the popular logic-based numerical puzzle that can typically be found in every Sunday’s national paper, comes in an “on-demand” digital form for iPhone users (no more waiting for the paper boy). It comes in various skill levels and does not repeat puzzles. Price: Free

3. Words With Friends

Similar to Scrabble, Words With Friends is a fun way to test your vocabulary and spelling. You are given a set of letters and must formulate a variety of words using only the letters given. If you’ve laid out an incorrect word, the game will immediately notify you and you must either come up with a correct spelled-word or pass your turn and lose an opportunity at earning points. You can play with people in your iPhone contact list like your son or daughter (granted they’ll need to download the app as well) or play with strangers. Price: Free

4. NYTimes CrossWords

Lastly, with NYTimes CrossWords you can further improve word recognition by solving the daily crossword puzzles that are featured in the renowned New York Times. Price: Free

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