Boomers Skipping Meds

Investment News Daily reports that the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) found that people over nearly a quarter of individuals above age 50 were trimming costs by:
  • making changes to their prescription medication
  • switching to generic drugs
  • obtaining free samplesŒæ
  • stop taking their medication entirely.Œæ
About one in five of those surveyed also said they either skipped or postponed doctor’s appointments.
The analysis was based on a survey of 4,433 individuals.
The economic conditions, coupled with reduced income and the need to lighten debt were cited as factors. Declining stock values were also citied.ξ
EBRI’s study found that individuals who said their heath was äóìpooräó are most likely to avoid health care services or reduce their meds to cut expenses. About 30% adjusted their medications. More thanŒæ
By comparison, only 15.3% of those in excellent health tinkered with their medication.
First, no one should fool with their health.

Second, there are a myriad of safety net programs out there to help people with less means obtain the health care they need.ξ