Questions You Should Be Asking Those Running for Office

Thanks to the NCOA for the following tips -åÊ

5 Questions to Ask the Candidates

Find out where your membersåÊof Congress and political candidatesåÊstand on these critical issues facing seniors. Attend an event, host a meeting, or simply ask these questions via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

1. Federal Funding for Seniors Programs

What will you do to protect investments in seniors‰Ûª health and economic security under discretionary programs, including maintaining or increasing funding for the Older Americans Act, elder falls prevention, housing for the elderly, and nutrition and energy assistance?

2. Medicare

What are your plans to help protect and strengthen the Medicare program and ensure adequate, affordable coverage for the growing population of beneficiaries?

3. Federal Deficit

What are your plans to address the mounting federal debt in a way that enables our nation to meet the critical needs of vulnerable seniors and their families, and do you support a balanced approach that includes both spending reductions and increased revenues?

4. Long-Term Services & Supports

With the aging of the U.S. population, how would you recommend the country address its current and growing needs for long-term services and supports?

5. Medicaid

What improvements should be made within the Medicaid program to provide choices for seniors and individuals with disabilities to receive services at home rather than in more costly nursing homes and institutions?