Romney Wins on Style but Pay Attention to Health Care People

There is no doubt that Romney won style points last night. He was energized. The president looked tired. Romney sort of faked smile. The president more or less smirked. But that should not effect voting. The issues should.

In my role here, I only want what is best for people to lead better quality lives and healthier lives.åÊ

There is a lot right with health reform and with the market forces that were in place before the Affordable Care Act. Just two days ago, hospitals started feeling the effects of getting paid for outcomes and quality with value-based purchasing and readmission rewards and penalties kicking in.åÊ

There is one trillion dollars in healthcare waste, fraud and abuse so reducing Medicare by $750+ billion is not going to affect quality of care. Many hospitals have already been operating to Medicare rates in anticipation. Providers can well afford it when you take into consideration their huge margins and high executive salaries.

Does Romney forget that he implemented Obama Care in MA?
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office came out this summer with the costs of repealing the Affordable Care Act. According to the CBO, it would increase the federal budget deficit by an estimated $109 billion between 2013 and 2022.åÊ

And let’s not forget our responsibility. Two-thirds of Medicare spending is used for people with five or more chronic conditions. We are a nation that takes it for granted that there will be a pill, procedure or implant ready for us if we let ourselves go to pot. Well it’s time we all looked at ourselves in the mirror. It is not about health care. It is about wellness. And if we can achieve a healthier country, health care costs and the health care crisis will fade.

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