Archives: June 2014

Genworth Publishes LTC Cost Data

Genworth recently updated data about the cost of various services in the aging continuum of care. åÊ Overall, while the cost of care among all care providers has steadily increased,the cost of facility-based providers has grown at a much greater rate than that for home care. åÊ Here is how...

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New Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Guidelines Spur Debate

According to JAMA, applying the updated 2014 blood pressure (BP) guideline to the U.S. population suggests that nearly 6 million adults are no longer classified as needing hypertension medication, and that an estimated 13.5 million adults would now be considered as having achieved goal blood pressure, primarily older adults. Ann...

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Chronic Sleep Loss May Cause Brain Damage

A new Penn Medicine study suggests that chronic sleep loss may cause brain damage. Chronic sleep loss may be more serious than previously thought and may even lead to irreversible physical damage to and loss of brain cells.åÊThe research is published today in The Journal of Neuroscience. Sigrid Veasey, MD...

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