Improving the Customer Experience for Older Consumers

customer experienceHow Businesses Can Improve Their Customer Experience for the Elderly

Businesses are always working hard to try and make their customers happy; they might offer discounts or special offers to entice sales, or they may do their best to appeal to a certain demographic.

However, not all businesses do what they can for all their customers. Some are concentrating so hard on their core customer base, that they ignore others such as the elderly. There are some things that every business should do to make it easier for the elderly to use their products and services. Improving the customer experience is just good marketing. People tell others.

Write it Down 

Many seniors don’t have access to a computer, or if they do, then they might not always be able to find what they want. For this reason, companies should always make sure they have a written copy of all their goods and services.

Whatever the size of the business, there are many ways to achieve this goal. Any existing information in digital form can be quickly turned into a booklet or pamphlet. Applications such as Adobe Spark can show you how to make a pamphlet in no time at all.

Make Sure They Are Kept in the Loop

Many people love a discount or a voucher, and senior people are no different. However, sending discounts by text message or via email may not reach everyone. Why not try to send vouchers to people in the post that you think would appreciate them?

Most companies will have the data of their customers, so using this to target your discounts and vouchers shouldn’t cause an issue.

Be Patient with Customers

We all know that customer services may not always offer the best customer experience, however, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be able to deal with all types of customer.

If an elderly person has taken the time to ring customer services, it means that they have a genuine issue that they want help to resolve. It is important that customer service advisors are patient and willing to help. It may lead to the customer making a sale or subscribing to a product, so it is worth a little extra effort.

Always Show Respect

It should go without saying that sales staff and those in front of customers should be polite and respectful. The reality is that this isn’t always the case, and this can cause your company problems.

If someone including an elderly person, receives a poor customer experience or a lack of respect, then the likelihood they will return is slim. Your staff might think it won’t matter, however, many seniors are loyal to their preferred brands so you could be missing a lot of sales.

One way to ensure that all your staff is doing what they can for your customers is to offer training on how to deal with a range of different shoppers and scenarios. This will give them the experience to deal with anyone they meet.

All customers including seniors deserve the right to good service and helpful staff when they go shopping, whether it is online or on the high street.