Happy, Healthy Menopause? Yes!


A Guide to Stay Healthy and Happy After You Reach Menopause

Physical and hormonal changes are always hard on women, be it the start of the menstrual cycle, ths a gynecologist make onset of adolescence, motherhood, or the dreaded menopause. All such changes can be better dealt with by a strong support system and some personal research but menopause and life after it can be particularly hard for women to cope with, as it is certainly difficult for others to understand. Menopause perhaps signals aging and brings about drastic physical changes in some women, while others are plagued by sudden anxieties and bouts of depression. However, you don’t have to suffer continuously and suffer alone during and after menopause- there are a few changes you can make in your life to stay healthy and happy.

Exercise regularly

It is a good practice at any age to exercise on a regular basis, to maintain good health and fitness. However, it is even more important for a woman post menopause as it helps the body adjust to the recent changes, and releases endorphins, which calm the mind and ease the senses. One can also find a group to exercise with, for increased motivation and to build new friendships.

Give yourself quality time

Women often forget to look after themselves because most of them are busy taking care of everyone around them. After she reaches menopause, it is imperative for a woman to take a well-deserved break, and spend some time with her own self. Me-time is good for introspection, contemplation and more simply, for relaxation, and can help you recover what you loved about yourself.

Regular check- ups

Even if you feel annoyed or awkward about seeing a gynecologist, you must see one especially post menopause. A lot of women suffer silently as they are reluctant to speak to a doctor about their intimate health, but no one can assist better in this field than a medical professional. Gynecologists are not people to be afraid of. They’re there to help you understand your body and its needs better. Some people think doctors like gynecologists are unnecessary and are only interested in taking your money. How Much Does A Gynecologist Make You might have wondered. Even if they charge more than the average MD, these are the doctors you can speak freely with about your personal health and issues that might bother you post menopause.

Balanced diet

Women’s bodies grow very weak in calcium, particularly after menopause, when they start aging. It is good to eat foods rich in calcium and iron and lots of fresh fruits as well. Caffeine and alcohol should be limited in consumption, as they can increase stress levels and alcohol certainly helps cause depression when taken limitlessly.

Lastly, don’t forget to reach out to your friends and family, who can act as great caregivers. Remember that they love you, and often being with loved ones has a greatly positive impact on mental, emotional and physical health. At a post -menopausal stage, it is important to keep track of your blessings and surround yourself with the peace that comes with being with people you’re close to.