Depression as You Age-Some Times it Goes Hand in Hand. How to Overcome It

depression and aging

How to Tackle Depression as You Age

Mental health has quickly been edging its way into the forefront of medical concerns in the modern world, and it is being uncovered that people of all ages are starting to suffer from issues such as depression and anxiety. Thisis no different in people from older generations, but that doesn’t mean it is any easier to deal with. In fact, lots of people struggle with how to confront depression in their daily lives, whether it be handling a bad episode, or preparing your mind and body for potential future dips. However, not all hope is lost; with more people speaking out, there are more solutions out there which have helped sufferers get through their darkest days. In this post, we will look at ways to tackle depression as you age.

Address any underlying causes

Much of the time, depression can be caused by an underlying illness, which can cause hormones to fluctuate in your brain. It can mean that if you don’t visit the doctors to see what it is, you might be treating the wrong condition without realizing. For example, you could be in serious discomfort caused by a long-standing issue that causes you pain, and daily discomfort. This could have an impact on your mental health over time, so whatever the issue is, try to get to the root cause of the problem if necessary. If you are in constant discomfort in your legs for example, this could be a more serious issue than you originally think; it could be caused by venous insufficiency, which is essentially an issue with the blood flow from your legs back towards your heart. Medical conditions that are not addressed can be more impacting as time goes on, so seek resolution as soon as possible. You can sort treatment for venous insufficiency easily by heading online, so do your research sooner rather than later. It is worth seeking advice and care from health professionals, to see what in your body can be affecting how you feel. Whether it is a condition such as this, or not, you can follow the right steps to combating it.

Build a strong support network

When you get older, it can be a struggle to maintain the same support network as you may have once had.As familymoves away, loved ones pass away, and you are no longer working, it can be easy to feel more alone than ever. However,this doesn’t mean you can’t have a strong network of people around you that will be there for you if you are feeling low. Sometimes, even a phone call from a loved one can help people through difficult times. In the times where this network may be dealing with outside struggles of their own, or for when they cannot be there in person, it is always a good idea to have a counselor on hand who you click with. Not only can they equip you with handy tips to use in the future, but they can be a comforting face when you need it.

Maintain a good exercise routine

Exercise has always been a tricky part of daily life, as people often find it hard to stay on top of a regular routine. While exercise is by no means a cure for depression, sticking to regular sessions means that more dopamine and serotonin is being releasedinto your brain. After a few days or weeks, you should start to notice your mood leveling out, and that your sleep improves. On bad days where you might not make it out of bed, you should remind yourself that although you’re not feeling good, days off are more than alright. If you can find the energy, having a ten-minute walk every day can be a huge help.This is also ideal for those who are finding it harder to stay mobile as they get older.

Get enough sleep

Depression and sleep can often run in a vicious cycle: if you feel bad, you sleep too little or too much; if you have insomnia, this can exaggerate the symptoms of your depression. While taking long-term steps to improve sleep, such as exercising, can help, there are also lots of other tips you can follow in daily life to ensure you’re getting the right amount. Trying activities to keep stress levels low, to using natural sleep supplements and essential oils have been lifesavers for some people.

Keep doing what you love

It is easy as you get older to assume you can’t do some of the activities you used to adore. While some of them may not be physically possible, others you can still easily immerse yourself in from a different angle. It is also a great time to take up a new hobby or start studying again. There are endless possibilities on what you can do, but if you truly love it, and it’s a healthy hobby, this can be both a welcome distraction from negative emotions and a cathartic way of working through some bad thoughts. If you take the time to do these activities when you feel well, you can come to rely on them whenever you start to feel low.

With some attention to basics, you can overcome depression as you age.