Michelle Seitzer is Participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit

caregiver smile summit

Michelle is participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit

Caregiver Smile Summit participant Michelle Seitzer launched Caregiving Advice in January 2019 after two decades of working with caregiving families from senior living communities, advocating for family caregivers through a policy position with the Alzheimer’s Association, helping her own family navigate stroke & dementia caregiving for her grandparents, writing thousands of articles about caregiving, and becoming the parent of a special needs child with complex medical issues. Through these life and work experiences, she’s found that what families and individuals need most — regardless of their age or stage of caregiving — is quite universal: They need advice. They need resources. They need help. They need hope. And they need it from someone who understands caregiving from all angles. Seitzer seeks to help professionals and families better understand the impact of caregiving and find a starting point through compassionate support and practical advice. Through a variety of consulting services, she also offers practical advice to small businesses and startups on effectively reaching their target caregiver audience.

caregiver smile summitHer topic on the caregiver smile summit is: Finding Peers Who “Get It:” How to Connect with Other Millennial Caregivers So You Don’t Feel So Alone

Find out more about the Caregiver Smile Summitwww.caregiversummit.org