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I work with healthcare provider CEOs and other health-related companies to connect the dots in healthcare. CEOs retain me for big picture thinking. Our company provides employee & patient experience solutions and strategic marketing, in short, helping organizations change the experience and tell their story.  Having personally built a strong brand and network, I assist clients in creating breakthrough social media strategies. As an aging expert, I bring my healthcare knowledge and deep passion for elders to clients, acting as a conduit in reaching the boomer, caregiver and senior audience with their products & services. A keynote speaker and company spokesperson, I use my performance talents to connect with audiences.


There are almost 40 million people aged 65+ in the United States. America’s 50 and older population will reach 100 million this year. Anthony Cirillo is a passionate advocate for these caregivers and seniors, helping them lead a quality life through a platform of educated aging – physically, emotionally and financially.

As an experienced thought leader in the healthcare industry, he knows how to navigate that industry. And as someone who spends thousands of hours a year with seniors and caregivers, he understands consumer perspective and needs.

A Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, Anthony consults with healthcare organizations globally. As a former CMO and having helped launch a Wall Street startup, he brings marketing savvy and an entrepreneurial mindset to clients, being named a Top 50 Entrepreneur in Charlotte in 2011. His article The Chief Experience Officer became an impetus for the Cleveland Clinic to create an office of patient experience, hire the first hospital chief experience officer and create a groundswell to promote better patient experiences. Anthony helps organizations lead from the heart and in the process align leadership, engage employees, achieve outcomes and create exceptional experiences.

Anthony is the About.com guide to assisted living and a member of the board of CCAL, the Consumer Consortium for Person-Centered Living dedicated to improving the lives of seniors. He knows the ins and outs of healthcare delivery and is currently working with the National Council on Aging on their Self Management Alliance.

And he shares that knowledge with consumers in many ways. His blog, Who Moved My Dentures and corresponding video blogs help consumers understand the healthcare system while imparting ways to live a quality life. The blog is listed as one of the top boomer blogs by AllTop and feeds to other health sites including Dr. Oz’s Sharecare, contributing to Anthony’s online Klout influence that tops 60. His book of the same name dispels myths about aging.

A member of the National Speaker’s Association, he has spoken to thousands of healthcare professionals and consumers at venues including the Cleveland Clinic, EPA, American College of Healthcare Executives, Leading Age, American Health Care Association, American College of Healthcare Administrators, state assisted living organizations, the National Council on Aging, state nursing home organizations, caregiving associations, IIR Dubai, IABC, and other major conferences. He is represented by several speakers’ bureaus.

Anthony started his career as a producer for CBS-TV in Philadelphia. And he uses skills honed early in his career when he appears on radio and TV as an expert in aging and healthcare including: the Carolina Business Review, Charlotte Today, CBS-TV Charlotte, Fox-TV Charlotte, WFMY Greensboro, NBC Jacksonville, WB in Tampa, Ageing with Attitude and more. Radio appearances have included WS Radio, Age Wise Living, Coping with Caregiving, Charlotte Talks, University of South Dakota Elderlaw Forum, First Talk Hickory, and more.

Anthony is a prolific writer, having written hundreds of blogs and articles. In 2011, Anthony wrote two of the top three blogs on Hospital Impact. In addition, he is often cited in the press including wide-ranging publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, Fierce Healthcare, CBS Interactive, Business Journal publications, Charlotte Observer, Philadelphia Inquirer, High Beam Research, San Diego Union Tribune, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Las Vegas Tribune, Ziegler Capital Markets, Information Week among others.

Anthony fell into a mission and advocacy for elders when he started performing in nursing homes. A gifted singer-performer, he has been to Nashville to record and has sung around the country. He uses his performing gifts in his keynote speeches and press engagements.

Anthony brightens the lives and promotes the quality of life and the dignity of caregivers and seniors. And he is a conduit that helps businesses reach and connect to boomer and senior audiences.

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  2. Toni LaMotta

    Just wrote a book on Embracing the Aging Process that I think might be of service to your audience. Do you accept guest blogging? If you are interested in potentially writing a testimonial, I can send you a digital copy of the book.
    Let me know.
    Dr. Toni

  3. Andrew Statz

    Hello Anthony,

    My name is Andrew Statz and I work for NewAvenueHomes.com. We are small company based in Emeryville California and we provide a state of the art online platform for home-building and remodels.

    We did a study recently that shows building an Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU, AKA Granny Cottages, Guesthouses) coupled along with in home care can save roughly $250k over five years when compared to traditional nursing home costs. The results of the study can be found here: http://www.prlog.org/12373145

    We would love the opportunity to guest blog or help craft an article / blog for your site. I think with the growing population of the elderly in the United States its best we educate as many people we can about alternative methods of elder care and residency options.

    I hope to hear back from you.



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    It makes perfect sense!! You have to work out the brain to keep it sotrng and healthy! Brain fitness is just as important as cardio fitness!! It is recommended to engage in a or brain teaser at least once a day!


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