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The Value of Friendship – Episode 4 – The Caregiver Smilecast

The Value of Friendship In this episode we will explore the value of friendship.Ironically when you become a caregiver, often your “true” friends will abandon you. This is the time when you need to really find out who your true friends are. I’ll share how you can create a new...

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The Power of Purpose – Episode 3

The Power of Purpose In this episode, we explore the topic of the power of purpose. It might seem odd but when you shift your mindset to one of purpose, your role as caregiver can be completely transformed. Look at your caregiving journey as a opportunity not a burden and...

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Caregiver Health – Your Health as a Caregiver, Episode 2

Caregiver Health In this segment we look at caregiver health. It is so important to make sure to take care of yourself while you are helping a loved one. It is so important to take care of your health. Statistics show that an huge proportion of family caregiver die before...

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