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  • Includes award-winning content
  • Pre-formatted forms with a built-in organizing structure
  • Multi-user capability so the whole family can use it
  • Email anything stored on the platform instantly
  • More than 40 Apps to Customize Your Experience
  • 10 GB Storage. Sign up today for 10 GB more
  • “Dorothy The Organizer” TIPS
  • Document Your Health History, Medical Records, Life Story, Pets, Ethical Will, Caregiving, and Vital Information, and so much more….

What’s a Digital Life Cloud?

If you‘re like most people, your important information is scattered everywhere – in filing cabinets, your wallet, on your computer, and in any number of unsecured locations online. Simplify your life! With Digital LifeCloud, you can store and share information and documents for your entire family in one organized and secure digital space. It’s the Cloud Storage Solution that’s also a Cloud Organizing Solution. We offer online personal management tools to individuals, families, and organizations.

Digital Life Cloud is a perfect solution for family caregivers and and is particularly useful for people with health issues, such as cancer, which require the patient or family to accumulate personal health records and make the information available immediately anywhere in the world. It is, after all,  up to the patient to retain the complete picture for second opinions, specialists, and consultations.

My sweet little niece has had to deal with medical issues in her young life. I have been helping my sister gather all her medical info and put it into Digital LifeCloud. Someday when she goes off to college, she will have all her childhood and young adult records at her fingertips so she can refer to them at a moment’s notice.
Alison, Colorado

Cherished Memories, a $75 Value, Sold Out on QVC Included

“Cherished Memories” offers organized questions within all of the life stages. This enables you to capture your life story or to interview a loved one. This also makes an exceptional gift. There are two options – 1) Simply print it out and put it in a binder – it makes the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, or for any special occasion. 2) Enter the information directly into the “smart forms” and save into Digital LifeCloud, which makes it a “living document” for your loved ones for many generations to come!

Expanding beyond “Cherished Memories” – the “Self-Discovery Guidebook” series is an exceptional way to further delve into your memories, which enables the opportunity for exploring a greater depth into one’s own journey.

Special Help for Patients and Their Families

Our Cancer Concierge is an organizing e-book that can help you through your journey. And you also have access to Vital Options International (VOI), a nonprofit healthcare communication, education, and advocacy organization with a special mission: generating global health conversations. Healtheo360 is a caring community for Patients with chronic conditions, their Caregivers, Family Members and Friends to share their stories of inspiration, motivation and support.

I was diagnosed with cancer and was dealing with surgeries, chemo, and radiation. All of this while trying to care for my 3 beautiful very active kids, along with my husband working very long hours due to the demands of his job. A great challenge of mine was keeping track of things and the people that were jumping in to help me with my children’s schedules (school, music lessons, feeding the kids, etc.). I also needed to keep track of all my medical, legal, and insurance and stuff. My husband had heard of something called Digital LifeCloud. We got an account and I can’t begin to tell you how much it is helping to reduce my stress and helping to put me back in control of my life. I feel grateful to come upon a product that is PRE organized so I don’t have to think about how to organize my important information!
Heather, New York

Healtheo360.com provides a wonderful free resource to patients, families, and caregivers, and we encourage everyone to visit their website at www.healtheo360.com and sign-up for a free membership. There is a wealth of information there and I highly recommend it to patients, families, and caregivers.
Debbie Bitticks

Award Winning Video, Saving Our Parents, Included

Saving Our Parents, an Award Winning Documentary hosted by Golden Globe Winner Ed Asner features real-life events potential pitfalls facing today’s aging adults. Exposing scams and the devious crooks that may have us or our parents in their cross-hairs, this compelling documentary delivers a message that will both empower and motivate.

Professionals, experts and “victims” share life-saving knowledge and inspirational insights with candor, their heartfelt message guiding us, our parents and our loved ones safely into the golden years.