Free Strategic Marketing Audit

At Fast Forward, we are passionate in helping healthcare organizations understand what they need to be marketing and how best to market it.

We typically help steer hospitals through a comprehensive marketing audit that involves on-site work, extensive interviewing, review of campaigns, relative statistics and so forth.

We can even share a plan we have done with you after executing an NDA.

Short of that we want to show you what we can do because we are sure you will then want to engage us.

We are offering a free paper audit of your marketing. We will extensively review your web site from a content and functionality basis to prepare a baseline report of our recommendations for your marketing efforts.

While this alone is out of context without the rest of the information we would need for a full audit, nonetheless, it is surprising just how much can be revealed through this audit.

And it’s free.

Ask Kati Everett, APR, VP at Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, NC. We conducted a comprehensive paper audit for her hospital based on just materials she supplied us without any on site work. While the audit is now several years old, she still carries the report with her as a guide for marketing efforts.

“Fast Forward Consulting combines best practices in healthcare and other industries to create innovative solutions for their clients. They provided excellent suggestions on how we could maximize our marketing and even gave a few ideas that are not used in healthcare at all – yet. I will definitely work with them again. Any organization will get more than they request due to their thoroughness, knowledge of industry trends and creativity. They live outside of the box but understand the challenges of working within one. They find ways to help businesses expand what they are doing because it’s strategic, smart and profitable. I have no reservations about hiring Fast Forward Consulting again or recommending them. I would also note that as a personal principle I generally don’t recommend consultants or agencies to people, but in this case I am happy to speak their praises.”

So email and let’s get started on your free audit.

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