Dance and Choreography

Rae Wilson -Owner and Founder, Romantic First Dance and Choreography

Rae Wilson – Romantic First Dance and Choreography Rae Wilson is the owner and founder of Romantic First Dance and Choreography by Rae. With over 25 years of dance experience she has taught ballroom dance, hip hop dance, swing dance, Latin dance, and a variety of world dances. She has received two best vendor awards from The Knot and two awards from ActivityHero. Previously, she was an instructor at one of the oldest and most recognized U.S. ballroom studios. See you on the dance floor! Find her on Instagram at: You can also see her on this You Tube page in action as well –

Monica Re – Dance Therapist, Vice President Italian Assoc Dance Therapy

Monica Re – Dance Therapist – Monica is an Italian Dance Therapist and vice president of APID (the Italian Professional Association of Dance Movement Therapy). She works with older people in the Italian Social Care System and with children in schools. She is a member of the Italian Association Cuore Attivo Monterosa operating in Italy, Nepal and Pakistan with the aim to empower and facilitate mountain inhabitants. She is a deputy for Italy in the European Association of Dance Movement Therapy (EADMT); a member of the Childhood and Learning Disorders APID Study Group and a member of Embodiment/Resilience APID Study Group. She adds yet another international element to the Sage Stream roster.