Gloria Hoffner – Creator of Science for Seniors and Guitar with Gloria

Gloria Hoffner – Creator of Science for Seniors and Guitar with Gloria ( Gloria Hoffner is the creator and owner of Science for Seniors, a nationally trademarked company presented in over 25 states and Canada since 2007. She is also the author of the books, Science for Seniors and Going Places in Northern Europe Armchair Adventures and Activities, both published by Idyll Arbor Inc. and workbooks More Science for Seniors and Brain Boosting Games. She earned a BA from Temple University and undergraduate credits in astrophysics from West Chester University, both located in Pennsylvania. She has Activity Director Certification by the National Certification Council of Activity Professionals; Activity Consultant Board Certified by the National Association of Activity Professionals and a Dementia Practitioner by the National Certification Council of Dementia Practitioners. Science for Seniors was the 2010 winner of the NCCAP first place Best Practice Award and the book Science for Seniors is the 2013 winner of the Mature Media Award of Merit. Gloria has pre-recorded science programs ready to go for you and can live stream as well.

Dr. David Evans – Science Expert; Directed Programs at Smithsonian, NOAA

Dr. David Evans-Senior Executive and Public Policy Expert Dr. David L. Evans is a senior executive and public policy expert with more than three decades of success providing thought leadership and skilled management of science-based initiatives and programs, spanning ocean, astrophysics, atmosphere, marine, botany, biology, environmental, zoology, and with particular recent emphasis, energy sustainability and climate change. He has expertise in science education and the public’s use of science for policy. He has directed highly successful public sector programs at the Smithsonian Institution, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the Office of Naval Research, served as a key advisor, subject matter expert, and coordinator with the White House, Congress, and the President’s cabinet, and bridged public and private sectors in a corporate setting to advance climate change and sustainability concepts, products, services, and programs. Dr. David Evans recently served as the Executive Director of the National Science Teaching Association, leading 55,000 teachers adopting new science education standards, publishing four peer-reviewed journals and 20 books per year as well as conferences with over 20,000 attendees annually. Dr. Evans served as Director of Noblis, Inc.’s Center for Sustainability—Earth, Energy, Climate, and led expansion of ocean, atmosphere, space, energy, and environmental science and engineering programs. He has built a profitable Climate Change Adaptation and Energy Sustainability practice that assists federal, state, and local governments in planning for a carbon-limited future and adapting to climate change. Under Dr. Evans’ leadership, a multimillion dollar market at NOAA, GSA, DOD, and other agencies has been developed, […]