Carol Marak – Aging Alone Advocate, Speaker, Writer

Carol Marak – 

Carol Marak is THE authority in the aging alone, elder orphan, and solo aging population who understands and supports the individuals facing growing older and alone challenges. Carol and her sisters helped their parents with elder care concerns. Her father lived with Alzheimer’s disease, and her mother developed a chronic heart condition. After they passed, she questioned, “who will do all that for me?” Carol has no spouse, partner, or children to count on as she grows older.has appeared in The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, PBS, NPR, AARP, USNews, American Society on Aging, local newspapers throughout the U.S. and radio shows. She covers topics including: staying healthy and fit, creating support and connections where I live, avoiding isolation and loneliness, finding transportation, and other issues older adults and family caregivers encounter.