Dr. Gary Altheim – Clinical Psychologist – Helping You Find Your Purpose

Dr. Gary Altheim – https://www.excelgds.org

Dr. Gary Altheim is a New York State licensed Clinical Psychologist who received his doctorate from Yeshiva University, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. Dr. Gary has extensive experience in working therapeutically with emotionally challenged children, young adults, seniors, and families. He is the Founder/Executive Director of Growth and Development Services (GDS), a nonprofit organization that services elders and youth.

Dr. Gary has extensive experience working with seniors and elders with dementia. After discovering the healing power of music in caregiving for his mom with Alzheimers, he created an intergenerational music program namesake, Youth Engaging Seniors (YES), to bring life and connection to elders with dementia and caregivers suffering from the burdens of living with a loved one with dementia.

In 2018, Dr. Gary was a finalist for Child Mind Institute’s Annual Change Maker Awards and was featured in Parents Magazine for his work addressing the burdens of family instability, violence, mental health, and learning disabilities. He has a plethora of experience in conducting workshops, consulting, and training corporations, nonprofits and assisted living facilities in creating effective environments and tools to work with clients, staff and caregivers. He developed a leadership development model to empower individual and groups to team build, bond and reach their full potential!