Tina Salerno Torch Singer, Disco Survivor and Singer of Stoop Songs

Tina Salerno – https://www.facebook.com/tina.salerno.520

Tina Salerno began singing in her local church folk mass group in the late 60’s. Singing was and is a joy to her and she is thankful to still be able to share  it!

The late 60’s gave way to the 70’s music of Top 40 and disco.  She worked in several bands comprised of great musicians that are still at work in their craft. Those were fun musical decades for the theatrics of the disco genre, especially the clothing!

For her, music and singing during the 80’s and 90’s required some adaption. She worked full time in a medical center in Brooklyn, NY. Her weekends were spent in wedding bands, street fairs and DJ gigs.

During the early 2000’s she was doing local restaurants a couple of times a month, strolling and singing soft ballads, jazz, standards.  And if the establishment had the room, folks danced.  It was great to make a connection to people through music and song.

For many years, she was honored to be asked to sing the National Anthem at the graduations of colleges at Carnegie Hall.

In 2016 she retired from my 35-year “day” gig and left Brooklyn for North Carolina.  Since moving here, she has come to use her singing skills for events for the local American Legion post, a women’s club of which she is a member, her local church’s 55 and over group luncheon events, and the local assisted living facility.

During the covid-19 pandemic (in better weather) she took to sharing some great old music (stoop songs as they would call them in Brooklyn!) with friends, near and far via Facebook live.  Her local neighbors, a captive audience, would drag out lawn chairs, socially distanced, and at times sing along.  Friends from around the globe would shout out via Facebook, and those meet ups are priceless during this current time of survival via isolation.