Questions That Matter for Heath Care CEOs

IBM’s “Leading Through Connections, Insights from the Global Chief Executive Officer Study”, reports that CEOs need to reinvent themselves in order to reinvent the organization. The same study indicates CEOs that reinvent themselves and their organizations are most successful if they use outside counsel.  CEOs that try to go it alone often fail.

”Anthony Cirillo is a thorough, thoughtful, and talented executive consultant. He conducts his engagement by, first, understanding the client, then the client’s situation, and finally the client’s potential before he addresses the problem and offers a solution. I have found the latter to be wonderfully practical and executable, making any investment in the engagement most satisfying, justifiable, and valuable to any organization.”
Robert Wise, FACHE, CEO, Hunterdon Heathcare System

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According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, CEOs may lead the organization, but the types of individuals that top the list of most credible spokespeople are labeled “a person like yourself” and “a regular employee.” Edelman urges companies to look for ways to activate their employees and connect them with the community. Gallup Organization measures the strength of workplace engagement with 12 questions. While patient experience is receiving the majority of trade press, it all starts with a great employee experience. And great employee experiences lead to engaged employees.

  • Do you want to grow your own credibility with constituents?
  • Do you know how to engage your employees as community ambassadors while increasing their engagement and reducing turnover?

“Anthony Cirillo is a rare consultant who showcases his talents in all layers of a complex organization from top executives to frontline staff. He combines creative thought with business strategy. I worked with Anthony on projects where our organization needed his skills in communications, public relations, marketing and organizational culture. He’s an excellent business partner. Plus, he’s simply fun to work with.”
Jim Tobalski, Recently Retired SVP, Novant Health

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engaged employees in a culture change initiative.

According to Press Ganey, the average value-based purchasing calculation can have a $2 million implication for small community hospitals.

  • Have your HCAHPS scores reached a plateau? Are you chasing scores and not systemic issues?
  • Has enthusiasm for patient experience waned over the last year?
  • Do you have a chief experience officer to oversee your patient experience initiatives?

“Anthony Cirillo is a passionate advocate for creating exceptional patient experiences. His article, The Chief Experience Officer, ignited a healthcare movement and helped propel the Cleveland Clinic forward in creating an office of patient experience long before the increased focus from HCAHPS and value based purchasing.”
James Merlino, MD, FACS, FASCRS, Chief Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic Health System

 Read this blog detailing the role of the Chief Experience Officer
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The latest By the Numbers survey from Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development shows that hospitals continue to spend more money on mass advertising than any other marketing program. And still physicians drive 90 percent of referrals…  Yet, mass advertising is often the first tactic. Creating great experiences means nothing if you can’t effectively tell your story.

  • Does it scare you to think that if you stop advertising that patients will stop coming to your facility?
  • Do you have a word of mouth marketing strategy?
  • How are you shifting your marketing as the healthcare arena shifts from a sickness to a wellness model and care moves out of the hospital?
  • What role is marketing playing in patient experience?

According to the Health Care Social Media List, there are 1,501 hospitals using social media channels and they are leaders in their field. Mobile applications are the next frontier.

  • Do you have a social media strategy and a plan for engaging patients with mobile devices?

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Putting It In Perspective

What would a consulting engagement be worth if:

You could add just two additional inpatients a month under the current payment system because of more strategic marketing –
$240,000 a year
(Average net revenue per adjusted patient day of $2,500 x LOS of 4 days x 2 x 12)

You could avoid readmission penalties through better patient education, communication and marketing integration –
$150,000 a year

(The Advisory Board estimates 60% of hospitals will see payment reductions of up to $500,000.)

You could keep just four nurses a year from leaving through better employee engagement through a combination of employee experience and employee marketing initiatives –
$200,000 a year
(The direct cost of turnover to the hospital per nurse averages $50,000. The indirect costs of turnover are three times higher. Advisory Board)

You could recoup the 1% value based purchasing give-back through clinical quality transparency and increased HCAHPS scores –
$1,600,000 a year

(It is estimated that the first year impact will be $964 million. According to Kaiser Health News, half of hospitals aren’t recouping the 1 percent they forfeited.)

You could shift 25% of your marketing/advertising costs away from mass media through better use of social media, mobile strategies and word of mouth strategies –
a year
(SHSMD By The Numbers average hospital marketing budget is $1.3 million.)

You could keep more of the bundled payment by putting emphasis on medical home patient experience and marketing  –
(While it is hard to calculate the impact of the four bundled models introduced, look to the highly profitable, though currently under siege, Medicare Advantage programs.)


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